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Does the Luno Air Mattress 2.0 fit my vehicle?Updated 25 days ago

We fit over 4,000+ different vehicles! You can check to see if we fit your specific make, model, and year with the drop downs on the homepage and product page.

However, there are a few vehicles that are not compatible with our Luno Air Mattress. Below is a list of vehicle features that are not compatible and why. If your vehicle has one of these features, please double-check with our Support Team at [email protected] to confirm compatibility prior to purchasing.

If you got to this page from one of the messaging prompts on our website, please confirm your vehicle does not have any of the problem features listed below.

Problem Features:

Captains Chairs

Our mattress requires a flat, even surface to provide adequate support for sleepers. The gap between the captain's chairs presents a gaping hole that does not sufficiently support the center of our mattress. This gap may result in unsafe use due to uneven weight distribution.

Side Folding Seats

Side folding seats narrow cargo spaces and create an uneven surface in the rear cargo area, preventing our mattress from lying completely flat in all areas.

Forward-Folding Seats

The bases of forward-folding seats occupy second-row passenger footwells, blocking the space necessary for base extenders to provide additional support for the top of our mattress.

Some exceptionally large cars with forward-folding seats may still be compatible with single side inflation and without base extenders. Reach out to [email protected] if you think your vehicle is large enough.

High & Long Center Console

Certain protruding consoles create unsafe conditions for use as they prevent mattresses from laying flush against front seats.

Back Center Console

Back center consoles prevent even support for mattresses by obstructing otherwise level surfaces in the rear cargo area of a vehicle.

Uneven Surfaces & Hybrid Battery Vehicles

Uneven surfaces include differences in height, gaps or dips, and slanted seats in the rear cargo plane. All of these features obstruct level support for our mattress and can create unsafe situations for use.

Our Luno Air Mattress is 4" thick, so it compensates for uneven surfaces (like small bumps), but it does not account for larger bumps or drop-offs. You need a relatively level area for the mattress to fit correctly.

The Luno Air Mattress can still fit in your vehicle if you are able to level the area. You can do this a few ways:

1. Use blankets to create a level surface in the back area of your vehicle for the mattress to lay on top of

2. Build a level platform (if you’re really looking to go all out)!

Once a level area is created, the Luno Air Mattress should fit comfortably in your vehicle. Feel free to send an image to [email protected] if you are unsure if your rear cargo area is suitable!

Reverse Folding Seats

The lumps, bumps, and gaps that come with reverse folding seats prevent our mattress from lying flat. These seats are also known to alter internal dimensions to prevent mattresses from fitting safely in the back of vehicles.

Rear Facing Seats

The space between the second and third row of folded rear-facing seats significantly alters the dimensions of a vehicle’s internal rear cargo area. Most rear-facing seats create conditions that do not properly support our mattress.

Cargo Gap

Cargo gaps result in massive drop-offs in the rear plane of a vehicle. This makes them unsuitable for proper and safe mattress support.

Row Gap

The gap between the folded second and third row of back seats can create a sinkhole beneath mattresses that may cause them to buckle or cave.

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