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Vehicle Compatibility

Does the Luno Air Mattress fit my 4Runner?

The 4Runner mattress is specifically designed for the 4th and 5th Generation (2003-2021) model years. The 5th generation 4Runner is offered with 3 cargo configurations across all offered trim models: 3-row seat, with sliding tray, without sliding tra

Does the Luno Air Mattress 2.0 fit my vehicle?

We fit over 4,000+ different vehicles! You can check to see if we fit your specific make, model, and year with the drop downs on the homepage and product page.

You don't offer my vehicle yet, what do I do?

We’d be happy to help find out if we have a Luno Air Mattress to fit your vehicle! To determine if your vehicle is compatible with any of our Luno Air Mattress sizes, please email [email protected] the three dimensions below. You will hear back f

Will a Luno Air Mattress fit in my mini-van?

Our mattresses are designed to fit in SUVs and hatchbacks; however, we do have a variety of customers who use it in their vans. Email us at [email protected] and we’d be happy to check to see if one of our existing mattress sizes fits your needs!

Does the Luno Air Mattress account for the slope in my car?

Our Luno Air Mattress is 4" thick, so it compensates for uneven surfaces (like bumps), but it does not fill gaps or correct slants. The slant you have in your vehicle can be compensated for quite easily.

What size Car Window Screens should I order?

We recommend measuring your windows according to the diagram below to best identify the correct size of window screens for your vehicle!

Can I use your Car Window Screens if my car has rain guards/wind deflectors?

Because our Car Window Screens are designed to fit as a sleeve that goes over the frame of your door, rain guards/wind deflectors shouldn’t be an issue when using our car window screens. If your vehicle’s windows are on the upper end of our medium wi