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Mesh Gear DuffelUpdated 6 months ago

Our Mesh Gear Duffle is the perfect car camping companion. It’s spacious enough to haul heaps of gear, see-through for easy organization, and made of mesh to let damp gear air out. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know to enjoy and maintain the Mesh Gear Duffel for years to come. 

Mesh Gear Duffel Capacity

Our Mesh Gear Duffel has an interior volume of 80 liters. For reference, you can stuff it with multiple sleeping bags, pillows, and still have room to spare (depending on pillow and sleeping bag volumes, of course). We love storing damp surf gear in the Mesh Gear Duffel, and it can easily fit two thick hooded wetsuits, as well as two pairs of booties and gloves. Thanks to the wide opening and a full-length zipper, you can easily store, access, and remove all your gear. 

Caring For Your Mesh Gear Duffel

We built our Mesh Gear Duffel using durable, water-resistant materials and heavy-duty straps. While it’s a low-maintenance and resilient duffel, it’s a smart idea to clean the bag occasionally for longevity. If your Mesh Gear Duffel gets dirty during your adventures, wipe it down with a damp cloth. Or, rinse it in a sink or outside with a hose to remove any dust, mud, etc. 

Storage Tips

Due to the tough mesh fabric, the bag packs down easily for storage when not in use. Stuff it, roll it, pack it down–just make sure to only store it when dry.


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