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Gear & Shoe Storage BagUpdated 6 months ago

How To Set Up Your Gear & Shoe Storage Bag

Setting up the Car Window Screens is simple. Check out our install video here, or follow the easy instructions below.  

  1. The Gear & Shoe Storage Bag sports powerful, microfiber-lined magnets integrated into the back of the bag. To secure the Gear & Shoe Storage Bag to your vehicle–or any other metal surface–place it on a clean, flat spot, then let the magnets do the rest. 
  2. Fill it with one pair of hiking boots, two pairs of shoes, or any other gear you need to stash!

Pro Tip: You can use the handy pull tab to position the Gear & Shoe Storage Bag as needed. 

How To Take Down Your Gear & Shoe Storage Bag

Take down is simple thanks to the integrated magnets. Just grab the pull tab, give it a light yank, and you’re good to go. 

Care Instructions

Our Gear & Shoe Storage Bag is designed to stash your dirty hiking boots, shoes, and outdoor gear–getting muddy comes with the territory. For light mud and dirt, use a damp cloth. Need a more thorough cleaning? Power wash the Gear & Shoe Storage Bag with a hose. For more intense stains, hand wash with a solution of water and gentle dish soap, Doctor Bronner’s, or a light laundry detergent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the Gear & Shoe Storage Bag scratch my vehicle’s paint job? 

No way. We love adventure vehicles more than most–we wouldn’t dare scratch yours! We purposefully lined the Gear & Shoe Storage Bag’s magnets with microfiber so they won’t scratch your vehicle.

Q: Can I drive with the Gear & Shoe Storage Bag attached to the exterior of my vehicle?

While our magnets are quite powerful, we recommend you always remove the Gear & Shoe Storage Bag from the exterior of your vehicle before driving. High speeds, bumpy roads, and vegetation can all cause your Gear & Shoe Storage bag to pop free, or, at the very least, shoot your belongings all over the roadway. Better to be safe than sorry on this one!

Q: Can I use the Gear & Shoe Storage Bag to store items other than shoes? 

Absolutely. We originally designed this bag to keep wet, stinky shoes out of your sleeping area, but we love using it for other tasks as well. In fact, many Luno Crew members deploy multiple Gear & Shoe Storage Bags whenever we go car camping. 

Some of our favorite additional uses for the Gear & Shoe Storage Bag? We use them as trash and recycling receptacles, storage cupboards for camp kitchen gear, or wet gear storage for fishing waders or surf booties and gloves. We even use them as a junk drawer for small, easy-to-lose camping essentials like pocket knives, lighters, headlamps, and more. The opportunities are endless! 


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