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Camping FanUpdated 6 months ago

How To Set Up Your Camping Fan

  1. Remove the protective film layer from the suction cup.
  2. Position the suction cup on your vehicle’s windshield, front dash, rear windows, or another smooth surface, then press firmly in place.
  3. Lock the suction cup lever.
  4. Adjust the articulating ball mount and lock the fan in position. 
  5. Plug into a USB-A power source. Please note: the fan DOES NOT come with a power source. We recommend using a portable power bank.  
  6. Use the integrated remote to set the desired fan speed. 

How To Power The Camping Fan

To power your Car Camping Fan, plug it into a USB-A power source. If you’re powering the fan off your vehicle battery while parked, note that the Camping Fan can drain your vehicle battery. 

Battery Life

The fan isn’t internally powered, so its battery life depends on your power source’s battery life. Running out of juice is no fun, so we always recommend fully charging your power source before heading out, monitoring your batteries throughout your trip, and topping up via solar or outlets when possible.

How To Clean The Suction Cup

If the suction cup starts to lose its grip, remove dirt and dust by scrubbing it with warm water and a drop of dish soap. Once cleaned, suction should improve. 

Care Instructions

While every Luno accessory is designed to handle bumps in the road, packing your fan with care can help extend its lifespan. This is mostly just common sense: avoid packing it underneath heavy objects, try not to drop it, etc. 


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