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4Runner Trunk Window ScreenUpdated 6 months ago

Retractable rear windows are just one of many reasons why Toyota 4Runners are one of the best car camping vehicles on the planet. That said, buzzing mosquitoes can still be a buzzkill. Enjoy the breeze–with none of the bugs–thanks to our 4Runner Trunk Window Screen.

5th-Gen 4Runner Compatibility

While we love a vintage 4Runner, please note that the 4Runner Trunk Window Screen is designed specifically to fit 5th-gen 4Runners with retractable rear windows. 

How To Set Up Your 4Runner Trunk Window Screen

  1. Remove the 4Runner Trunk Window Screen from the included pouch. Lay it out so the Luno logo is in the bottom right corner of the rear window, next to the passenger-side brake light. It’s also helpful to note that the bottom and sides of the screen are lined with magnets, while the top of the screen has foam inserts. 
  2. Lower the 4Runner rear window. Do this only when you have the screen ready to rock, so you don’t invite unwelcome bugs into your sleeping area!
  3. Attach the Trunk Window Screen to the exterior of your 4Runner using the magnets that wrap around the sides and bottom of the screen. 
  4. Tuck the foam inserts on the top of the screen into the window weather seal for a secure, tight, bug-free seal. 
  5. Apologize to the gnats who aren’t invited to your slumber party, then enjoy the breeze!

Pro Tip: You can use the 4Runner Trunk Window Screen as a privacy shade when the window is closed–you just need to make sure that the foam inserts at the top of the screen aren’t inserted into the weather seal. When the foam inserts are tucked into the weather seal, you will not be able to fully close the window. 

How To Clean Your Trunk Window Screen

To clean your Window Screen, remove any dust and dirt with a damp cloth. If your Window Screen needs a more thorough rinse, hand wash in cold water. Always hang to air dry and never store when wet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I close the rear window while the 4Runner Trunk Window Screen is installed? 

No, you cannot fully close the rear window when the screen is installed, because the screen’s foam inserts slide into the weather seal of the trunk window. However, you can partially close the window when the foam inserts are installed, since the inserts are only on the top of the screen, and the retractable window comes up from the bottom. 

Also, if you want to use the screen solely for privacy and aren’t worried about airflow, you can choose not to install the foam inserts at all and rely solely on the magnets. Then, you’ll be able to close the window. If you go this route, be sure to remember to take the screen down before you drive away from camp! It’s easier to forget if the foam inserts aren’t in the weather seal and the window is closed. 

Q: Can I drive with the 4Runner Window Screen installed?

No, driving while the 4Runner Window Screen is installed isn’t recommended. 


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