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4Runner Sleeping PlatformUpdated 6 months ago

5th-gen 4Runners are capable, comfortable, and unequivocally rad adventure mobiles, making them perfect for car camping. Well, almost perfect–there is a three-inch step down from the folded back seats to the trunk, which can make snoozing in the trunk tricky. Luckily for you, the 4Runner Sleeping Platform solves that problem. Here’s everything you need to know about setting up and cleaning our nifty collaboration with BamBeds.

4Runner Compatibility

The BamBed is only compatible with 5th-generation 4Runners, more specifically 2010+ 4Runners with no third-row seats and no sliding tray.

How To Set Up The 4Runner Sleeping Platform

Setting up the 4Runner Sleeping Platform is simple–there are no screws, tools, or headaches required. 

  1. Place the two long, skinny wooden supports perpendicular to the open trunk, making sure the sides with the dual raised tabs are facing up.
  2. Place the two platform pieces on top of the supports, lining up the slots with the raised tabs. 
  3. You’re good to go – enjoy your camping trip!

How To Use The 4Runner Sleeping Platform

The 4Runner Sleeping Platform is designed to be used with the Luno 4Runner Air Mattress. Once the platform is set up and secure, go ahead and inflate your mattress as you normally would. 

One of the added benefits of the 4Runner Sleeping Platform is the added storage space. Beneath the platform, you’ll find a deep, two-inch tall storage nook, perfect for stashing long, skinny gear like axes, trekking poles, fly rod tubes, and more!

How To Take Down And Store The 4Runner Sleeping Platform

Removing the platform from your 4Runner is just as easy as installing it. Pop off the two platform pieces, remove the supports, and you’re ready to roll. 

We designed the platform so that it packs flat and can be stored in a standard hall closet. We recommend storing it in a dry, room-temperature area, as the platform is made from real wood and can warp in extreme temperatures or wet conditions.

How To Clean The 4Runner Sleeping Platform

The 4Runner Sleeping Platform is crafted from a resilient Baltic Birch plywood with a thick face ply, meaning it’s durable and built to handle the inevitable bumps in the road. Still, a little cleaning goes a long way for longevity. 

  • For minor dirt and dust, wipe down the wood with a damp cloth. 
  • Need a heavier-duty solution? Try a clear dish soap with a soft cloth. 
  • For serious stains, use mineral spirits–and do so sparingly, following the instructions on the bottle. 
  • If you’ve been on the road for a while and want to revitalize the wood, wax and buff with a furniture polish and a cheesecloth.  
  • Looking to refinish your boards? Use 150- to 250-grit sandpaper to buff out blemishes and sand away stains.  

Pro Tip: When using mineral spirits or any cleaning product for the first time, it’s always a smart idea to test it in an inconspicuous zone to make sure it won’t stain the wood. 

Need Extra Waterproofing?

Our Baltic birch plywood is crafted using a waterproof adhesive. However, if you’re often traveling in wet climates like the PNW, or you’re a surfer used to hauling damp wetsuits and dripping boards, extra waterproofing can be a smart call. For more defense against moisture, simply paint your boards with a coat or two of water-based polyurethane sealant. 


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