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Rental Rates & PaymentUpdated 9 months ago

How much does it cost to rent Luno gear?

Prices vary based on the mattress type and accessories. 


  • SUV & Truck Air Mattress: $32.99 for your first night, $9.89 per additional night
  • Van Front Cab Air Mattress: $49.99 for your first night, $14.99 per additional night
  • All Accessories: Flat rate (varies by accessory type)

Visit our rental page to see more on gear pricing. 

What is the “refundable holding fee”?

The refundable holding fee is a $15, fully refundable charge that confirms and locks in your reservation. In order to be refunded the full $15, all you have to do is pick-up and return your rental, or cancel your reservation at least 24 hours prior to your pick-up window. 

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards. Cash is not accepted.

Can I pay in person?

At the moment, we’re only able to accept payments via our rental page.

Do I have to put a security deposit down to rent gear?

We require all renters to pay a fully-refundable holding fee of $15. This will be fully refunded when you pick-up your gear on the selected reservation date. 

Can I use a Luno gift card to pay for my rental?

At this time, we unfortunately cannot accept gift cards as payment for rental gear. Gift cards are only redeemable on

Are there any additional discounts?

Discount promotions vary. Check out our Rental Page to see if there are any discounts at the moment!

We’ve tried to answer some of the questions we get the most. If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please email us at [email protected]

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