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Truck Bed Air Mattress


Setting up your Luno Truck Bed Air Mattress

* Two Tailgate Buddies are included with 5ft truck bed mattresses. Prior to using your mattress on its first adventure, we recommend fully inflating the mattress (and tailgate buddies, if you have them), and allowing them to remain inflated for 48 ho

Deflating your Luno Truck Bed Air Mattress

You can use your air pump to deflate your Luno Truck Bed Air Mattress. Deflating your mattress with your air pump will help ensure that your Luno gear will pack down to be as small as possible!.

Cleaning your Luno Truck Bed Air Mattress

Regular cleaning will extend the life of your mattress, especially if you sleep in direct contact with its surface (i.e. without a sheet covering the mattress). Do not put your mattress in the washing machine. Instead, try the following:. Wipe down y

Storing your Luno Truck Bed Air Mattress

When you are not out on a trip, we recommend storing the mattress in its carrying case in a room temperature and dry environment. Be sure to not store your mattress under any heavy items. To prevent your valves from getting squished, we recommend clo

Repairing your Luno Truck Bed Air Mattress

If you find your mattress has started losing air overnight, it may be time to check for a leak and patch your mattress! Good news - most leaks are easy to fix. To start:. If you hear air escaping after you take the pump out of the inflate valve, the

Using your Luno Truck Bed Air Mattress in the cold

We have tested our mattress in zero degree weather, in freezing temperatures inside a car packed with seven inches of snow on top, and in 50mph winds at 40 degrees. In all of these cases we found that we did not experience any chill or "cold-sink" fr

Can I drive with my Luno Truck Bed Air Mattress set up?

Unless you have a cab over your truck bed, we recommend not driving with your Luno Truck Bed Air Mattress set up to avoid causing damage to your vehicle and/or the mattress.

Got more questions?

Feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We're happy to answer any other Luno or car camping-related questions you may have!